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European Recycling - Enviromental Solutions for waste recycling

Environmental Solutions
for waste recycling
Environmental Solutions
for waste recycling
Environmental Solutions
for waste recycling
Environmental Solutions
for waste recycling

Bespoke solutions for your by-products

we provide a range of integrated services to improve your environmental impact,
minimizing your business costs.

The EUROPEAN RECYCLING CORPORATION LTD provides a wide range of integrated solutions and waste management services aimed at minimising our partners’ production costs while improving their environmental impact, which is an important aspect of our day to day practice.
We offer a wide range of tailored solutions, aimed at enhancing any by-product value, converting it into a bespoke raw material for the steel, cement, and energy industries.
Together with our specialised network, we have gained an excellent reputation among our partners in terms of the service provided and the quality of care.

Why choose us


thanks to our continuing commitment to the industry, we have gained an expertise that reaches across a number of sectors, as well as the knowledge of specific protocols and local regulations.


We offer a professional pricing strategy to maximise the benefits imposed by the day to day market conditions while minimising our partners’ risks.


We operate alongside our partners, providing them with a complete technical audit, aimed at reducing their production costs.
Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the industries where we operate. Together with them, our main aim is to implement bespoke engineering upgrades that benefit the environment.

Nevertheless, we act in strict compliance with the international laws, which regulate the transboundary movements of wastes, such as the European Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 and 1418/2007 issued by the European Parliament. The satisfaction of our partners: suppliers and customer, is proof of our seriousness.

Our credentials

Our working practice is regularly assessed and approved by several accredited organisations. Our conduct is based on a continuous enhancement of the quality criteria which reflect on the raw materials we process and bring to a new life.

European Recycling - Enviromental Solutions for waste recycling
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