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Raw material characterization

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Raw material characterization

The first step of our modus operandi consists in the characterization of any stream, whereas the waste is categorised using the European Waste Classifications, such as the Basel Code and the European Waste Code (EWC Code).

We usually perform a detailed evaluation of the waste properties (Basic Characterisation), studying its production process and the secondary treatments applied to the material.
A first visual inspection is documented with photos and videos to ascertain the homogeneity of the waste and to see if it conforms to the written waste description.

A second step is to sample and test key relevant characteristics, to ensure that the waste complies with the Basic Characterisation. We can adopt one of the following procedures to identify key aspects of the waste stream:

  • Chemical Analysis through certified chemical laboratories;
  • Water displacement test, when applicable;
  • XRF analysis, when applicable;
  • Inspection carried out by professional companies;

The steps above permit to determine if the waste has any hazardous concern and to identify the correct recycling route.
We provide our clients with a detailed inspection of the raw materials, prior to shipment and during the loading operations.

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Raw material characterization
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